We have been workshopping several new projects over the last two years and are currently seeking funding and partnerships for our most ambitious enterprise to date…


Oracle has been in development on and off for the past three years — a surreal dark comedy for an ensemble cast exploring revolution, big tech, fake news and ways to overcome political apathy.

A collaboration between a writer (Zoe Mills), a technologist and our Associate Movement Director (Christian From) we are working towards creating an immersive theatre experience with an accompanying app, handheld and static projection, soundscape and ensemble physical movement.

A riotous and thought provoking human experience for the darkest of times - influences include Armando Ianucci, Chris Morris, Hypernormalisation, phone addiction, crossfit and anyone who’s ever wondered if protest makes a difference…

We are currently seeking funding and plan to go back in to R&D in early 2020.

Watch this space.